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Aakash Engery is one India's leading renewable energy companies. It's services span the entire life of world Engery Project. It design, develops, and manufactures Wind turbine generators. It is strong presence across the wind power Value chain. We have utility scale Wind and solar energy projects as well as renewable of commercial and industrial customers, while helping reduce India's carbon footprint. Aakash Engery current commissioned capacity represents about 1.4% of India's total installed capacity and avoid 0.5% of India's carbon emissions annually. It does business in 17 countries across six continents. It's installed Wind Engery capacity, largest in India, stood at 13.85 GW.

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Sustainable development is the creed that underpins Aakash Energy’s bespoke initiatives to protect the environment, strengthen communities, and propel responsible growth.

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Aakash Renewable energy is energy from renewable resources that are naturally replenished on a human timescale. Renewable resources include sunlight, Wind the movement of water and geothermal heat.

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